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Dr. Leslie Memsic

Leslie Memsic, MD, FACS is an elite surgical specialist with excellent medical training and broad clinical experience grounded in academic research. In addition to a fellowship in Surgical Oncology and Immunology, she received advanced training in Liver Transplantation. This educational background along with her emphasis on personalized, compassionate care, makes her uniquely qualified to care for patients with a variety of complex...Read More

Breast Cancer Surgery, Mastectomy, and Lumpectomy Explained


Dr. Leslie Memsic Surgical Oncologist Extraordinaire

by Diana Lyle

The breadth and depth of Dr. Leslie Memsic is instantly apparent when you meet this passionate mountain of strength, all wrapped up in a pint-size body. Her humor is immediately visible in her waiting room with a pillow that says, "Hand Over the Estrogen and Nobody Gets Hurt!" This petite, feminine lady, who looks like a dancer, is in fact, a surgical oncologist with a principle clinical interest in breast cancer although her expertise is in a variety of other cancers, including gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, endocrine and soft tissue tumors...Read More

Dr. Leslie Memsic in Los Angeles Magazine

As women and as physicians, we are dedicated to providing the best breast care to every patient, so we created Bedford Breast Center to deliver the platinum level of compassionate care and attention you deserve. Our high standards demand aesthetics as well as eradication of disease; we believe that peace of mind is essential to health and well-being... Read More